[NR] Good People Draw Near and Pay Heed

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For my map marking purposes on the Ansteorra site, where is this group so
that I may honor them with a spot? :)

I will also need a contact that I can put on the web for them with
permission to post an email address. Do you all have a webpage?

Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra
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: Good Gentles.
: I ask all to draw near and pay heed. On 11 Oct A.S. 38 being 2003 C.E. at
: grand and wonderful Namron Protectorate, Did appear before the Crown of
: Ansteorra, The Baron and Baroness of Namron and the Populace of the
Kingdom of
: Ansteorra, The Acting Officers and the Attending Populace of the Greater
: Area Group.
:  While in this Grand Attendance of the Court, The Group did Present unto
: their Stellar Majesties "The Petition of Incipiency for the Canton of
: After a brief meeting in Court with Their Excellencies of Namron, Their
: Majesties of Ansteorra did grant the request stated in our petition. We
are Now
: officially known as The Incipient Canton of Skarrgard,( Name pending
: approval) Congratulation to all of our group for all the hard work all of
you have
: done to make this possible. For I know that the idea I had for a group
here 2
: years ago would not have happened without all of you. Vivat Skarrgard!
: Namron! Long Live the King! Long Live the Queen! LONG LIVE ANSTEORRA!
: In Service,
: Laird Gaelan "Mordane" Garrett
: Acting Minister of Art/Sci


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