[NR] Left behind at Namron Protectorate... (Cross posted)

Zubeydah the Wanderer zubeydah at northkeep.org
Sun Oct 12 20:35:35 PDT 2003

In all the chaos of cleaning up and tearing down on Saturday after the 
fighting was over, I mistakenly left behind a heavy pewter pitcher. It has 
an oval base, and is flat on the sides with a circular, narrow pattern of 
flowers.  It was filled with icewater, and left by one corner of the heavy 
weapons field. 

If, by chance, you found it, first - my thanks! I think my brains were a bit 
addled at that point...and I would have left behind my head if it wasn't 
attached.  If you would,please contact me off list so that I could arrange 
appropriate 'ransom' for its return. 

zubeydah the wanderer
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"Shared pain is lessened: shared joy, increased." - Spider Robinson 

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