[NR] Directions to W. Baronial -- update?!!?

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Thu Aug 26 07:12:27 PDT 2004

Just as an FYI, the last time I drove HWY 33 the dirt road to Camp 
Cimarron directly next to the old bridge was no longer in existence 
because of the new highway construction. There was a huge pile of dirt 
there. Somebody should reconfirm this for your event.

However, the directions given are still correct -- it's just that the 
*first* right turn is now up the hill and around the bend, sorta. So the 
picture is not correct. The road is either Hackleberry or Hackleman (I 
always get it wrong when saying it). Turn south/right when heading east on 
HWY 33. For those heading West on HWY 33, the road is really straight, 
lots of ups & downs, but straight. Then you get to the big turns - just 
after the second turn as it starts to straighten out is where 
Hackleberry/Hackleman road is. Turn left/south.

On Hackleman/Hackleberry go to the first intersection, turn right/west. 
Travel down this road until it starts to go downhill - and there is Camp 
Cimarron on your left/south.


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