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Mike Gideon mg1m at swbell.net
Sat Jan 3 22:58:16 PST 2004

Please excuse the cross posting.
The New Year is upon us and the deadline quickly approaches for
pre-registration for Gulf Wars and the opportunity to have lands
reserved for your camping. January 31st is the pre-registration
deadline. New opportunities present themselves this year: 
1) online (credit card ) pre-registration is available at
2) This year Gulf Wars and Spring Break for the Northern Region are on
the SAME WEEK! (Teachers, Parents of students, and Students now have the
opportunity to attend without missing a week of school)
1.      GW attendees pre-register for the war (deadline 1/31/04) 
2.      Upon pre-registration, attendees contact their regional land
coordinator and request space with the group of their choice*
a.      The regional coordinator may request that each group (house
hold, shire, whatever) assign one person to round up all of the names &
information for that group and submit to them. While this is not a
requirement, it does make the job easier for the regional coordinator. 
3.      Upon being contacted with a request for land, the regional
coordinator should gather the following information: 
a.      SCA or mundane names of each person for whom land is being
i.      It is preferable to get SCA and mundane names, but it is not a
b.      Tent dimensions (if possible) for persons requesting land 
c.      Group with which they wish to camp 
4.      Upon receiving the necessary information, the regional
coordinator will enter the data into the land management data base.
5.      Land requests close (Date to be announced soon)
a.      We will, of course, make allowances for people who are a little
late, but let's not advertise that. 
*If the group that is requesting land is a pan-regional group such as
the Crane or Amazon households, they should make their land request to
GW liaison rather than a regional coordinator. 
Míchél mac Donnchaid
Baron of the Eldern Hills 
Northern Region Gulf Wars Land Coordinator
Mike Gideon
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