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(Begging the pardon of those who get this more than once....) 

This is a way that YOU can help support Ansteorra at Gulf Wars, even if you're not a waterbearer.... 


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Subject: [SCA-Waterbearers] Gulf Wars waterbearing challenge

Household Competition for Gulf Wars

Introducing the Waterbearer's Challenge!  Each year the call goes out,
"Please bring empty 2-liter bottles to Gulf Wars!"  This is a competition
for households to see which house can collect the greatest number of 2-liter
bottles for the Gulf Wars Waterbearing cause.  This activity hopes to
fulfill three aspects:

1.. Supply the Gulf Wars Waterbearers with much needed empty bottles.

2.. Put all households on the same level in a friendly competition. Size
doesn't matter!

3.. Create a new Gulf Wars annual competition.

Materials to be collected are empty 2-liter bottles and pop tops. Quality
will count!  Read the requirements for donating empty 2-liter bottles on the
Gulf Wars website -  http://www.gulfwars.org/water.html   One point is given
for each bottle collected, bonuses are given to meeting the 'other'
requests.  Sheer number can win, but in the event of a tie on number of
bottles, quality will decide.  Donating pop-tops is an automatic double bonus!

Interested households wishing to compete should email the Meridian Kingdom
Waterbearer at water/AT/meridies.org with your household name, kingdom and
group. Once you arrive at Gulf Wars, submit your contribution at the
Waterbearing Point near the fort. Contributions for competition will be
accepted at all times, just look for the 'Waterbearer's Challenge Donation Station' sign. Materials for competition may be submitted all week, up until noon on Thursday. Winner will be announced at Great Court on Saturday night. There will be a prize for the winning household. This is open to all households attending Gulf Wars from any Kingdom.

This competition is sponsored by the Waterbearers Guild and an anonymous
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