[NR] Upcoming rapier practices for War

Theresa Kwasny thkwasny at cox-internet.com
Tue Jan 20 11:02:57 PST 2004

Though I have yet to see an official announcement, I am told that HRM Conal
has commanded that melees and one-on-one practice take place  (weather
permitting) in Athens, TX this Sunday, 1100-300 at the park by the civic
center (the site for Queen's Champion).  If you are planning on attending
Queen's and are interested in the practice, please plan accordingly.

Before Gulf War there are two practices planned in the North, at KASMAT and
at Academy of the Sword.  We will fight whenever we get enough people
together and continue to fight until we're too worn out to fight any more.
I'll keep everyone updated if there are any changes.

Whippin' the troops into shape ;)

Therese Maria Giovanni
GW Rapier Commander, Northern Ansteorra

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