[NR] Med Fair hospitality tent

Epperson, Sheryl EppersS at oge.com
Wed Mar 24 12:58:00 PST 2004

This year Lady Agnes and I are running the hospitality tent for the SCA
at OU's Medieval Fair.  This tent is Namron's way of thanking those who
come help us work the demo at the fair.
We are planning on having coffee and hot water for tea or hot chocolate
available in the morning, and ice tea, fruit punch, gatorade and water
throughout the day.  We are planning on having beef soup, turkey soup,
ham sandwich fixings, fruit, and pickles available each day also.  I
will be making cinnamon rolls to bring for breakfast.
Anything anyone wishes to bring to donate/share with the populace
working the fair would be welcomed and appreciated, most especially
munchies such as cookies, cupcakes, etc.  While there are many food
vendors at the fair, some people would rather not take the time to wait
in line.
Thank you all in advance for the work you will be doing at the fair, 
Annabelle Fitzsimmons

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