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April Gillilan agillilan at swbell.net
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As some of you may know, my warrant was up in January!  Alas, no one
applied, so I have been allowed to stay on until July.  I would like to have
a successor chosen by May so that there will be time to train them before
turning the office over, and also in case I get a job and end up moving
away.  :-)


So, if you are interested in being the next Northern Regional Reeve, please
send an application for office to myself and Mistress Rondinella, the
Kingdom Exchequer.  Be sure to include a copy of your membership card and
your driver’s license.  We will be accepting applications until March 31
(don’t want any April Fool’s jokes!).


Think a regional office is too hard for you?  Think the treasurer’s office
is too difficult, and has too much paperwork?  Think again!  Being a
regional officer is a great way to help out your kingdom and get to know
more people.  


Neither do you have to be an accountant or know a lot about money and math –
I certainly am not, and don’t!  (Why do you think I keep JP around – he’s my
walking calculator!)  The regional reeve’s office is actually less work than
a local treasurer, IMO.  Also, you don’t have to have ever been a local
treasurer to be regional.


Think about it!  If you have questions about the job, ask me!





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