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Ok Folks sending this to all you individuals so you can spread it to those
individuals that do not have access to the Namron list
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> An O'Rourke, Droen to be exact, wrote:
> > Is everyone going to be meeting at the park or somewhere else
> > beforehand to load stuff up for set up?  When exactly is set up
> > currently slated to happen?  What time are you asking that people
> > arrive on Friday/Saturday/Sunday mornings to help get everything
> > ramped up for the day?  Are there any other tidbits that might prove
> > useful to people coming out to the demo for the first time?
> Yes, some will be meeting at our shed to pick things up.  Lady Kathryn
> Gordon is the MedFaire coordinator, so she will know what time that is,
> as she has to get a couple of pickups or a trailer there.
> We meet for setup WEDNESDAY NIGHT around 6pm (ish), just like each
> year.  This gives people a chance to get off work but still gives us
> some light to use.
> The Faire is listing their times as 10:00 to 6:30, EVERY DAY.  This is
> different than before.  So we are asking the S.C.A. folk to show up
> around 9 a.m. to put tents and ropes in order, set up displays, and grab
> a cinnamon roll.
> More generic information about the fair can be found on the Oklahoma
> College for Continuing Education's web site at:
> http://tel.occe.ou.edu/medievalfair/
> Parking is, again, at the Lloyd Noble Center, about one block from the
> park.  We have been given 16 permits to UNLOAD ONLY.  If you pull up to
> the sawhorses by the SCA area, do NOT expect to be let through without a
> permit.  This means you'll have to send someone into the SCA area to
> grab one of the rotating 16 permits. Sorry.  We are going to try to
> bribe the guard there with cinnamon rolls and coffee, but cannot
> guarantee anything.
> The coordinator is Lady Kathryn Gordon, email is kathryngordon AT
> sbcglobal.net. If you want to put up a MedFaire poster at your office,
> or have any other questions, please contact her.
> Baron Ulf
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