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Dennis England sirbalvin at cox.net
Tue May 17 17:34:38 PDT 2005

Greetings to All,

I hate to "me too" but I have to say I had an excellent time even without
getting to fight!  This was one of the largest combined practices I have
seen in some time.  A grand sight indeed with so many of the warriors of the
north shining in the sun.  The support from the populace was also delightful
and delicious!

This is an opportunity to build a truly powerful northern force to take to
Gulf in the Spring.  I hope you will all make a commitment to stand proud
for Ansteorra and for the North!  I look forward to leading this mighty
force into battle!

Riddari Balvin
Northern Regional Commander

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> Greetings,
> What a fantastic time this last weekend was. As I last informed everyone
> this list that I wanted the local marshals to step up and schedule the
> combined practices with the support of the local group. So far the only
> who has stepped forward to claim a month has been Wiesenfeuer. I have
> recommended that Skorragardr take June but I have not heard from the local
> Knight Marshal if that is something Skorragardr wants to do.
> I originally had asked the Knight Marshals to get me a six month schedule
> the end of this month however due to shock surprise and uncertainty this
> be extended to the end of June. If by that time I do not have a schedule,
> will create one.As it so happens weeks after I sent out my email the
> Seneschal with the support of the General of the Army also said they
> such things to start happening at the local practices.
> We are a very diverse group and have much to offer anyone who is
interested I
> really would like the Rapier and A&S community to become more involved
> the combined practices. We have the opportunity every month to recruit and
> even if we only get 1 person a practice that stays over the year that
would be
> 12 new people in our beloved region that's a new canton of people every
> Again for everyone who came out and supported the combined practice in
> thanks and Eldern you did a wonderful job.
> Syr Owen ap Aeddan
> Northern Regional Knight Marshal

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