[NR] calendar for Namron's combined practices dates

Marc-Antoine de Larue marcantoine at hotpop.com
Tue May 17 19:25:57 PDT 2005

Well, since we're putting together a six month calendar and the Sept date is the only one that falls in the next six months. I guess that's the one that Namron should get.
So now we have:
June - Skorragardr
July - OPEN
August - Wiesenfeuer
Sept - Namron
Oct - OPEN
Nov - OPEN
3 down...3 to go.

Owen <owenstott at yahoo.com> wrote:
Greetings to the Marshal's of the North.
Here are the posable dates that Namron is willing to host the combined practice.
September 25th 2005
December 18th 2005
June 18th 2006
September 2006
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