[NR] Combined practices

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at cox.net
Tue May 17 22:08:19 PDT 2005

Sieur Jean Paul wrote:
> Marc’s Right.  “Keeping them central” means that the outlying regions
> have to ALWAYS travel (except one weekend out of 8).  

True.  Their geography means everyone is at least an hour away,
sometimes more.  Northkeep to Mooneschadowe is a drive.  Northkeep to
Brad Leah is a *long* drive.

> Doesn’t change it, and bring it more inline….

That example doesn't change the driving for outlying groups, but does
change the distance for interior groups.  The outlying groups will
always have a drive, and sometimes a *long* drive.

One point you folks are missing in this graph.  You are assuming
everyone will go to all practices.  The ones held in the two corners,
though, will tend to be less well attended.  (Simulate this by turning
your twos to fours in the three models presented.)  Some folk don't get
out of church early enough to make the longer trips.  Some folks just
don't want to spend six to eight hours in the car.

> Regardless, lets just rotate the practices to every group.  That way,
> every month one group gets to stay home, AND gets an influx of
> different fighters.  Fighting different fighters is what will make us
> all stronger and bring up the prowess of all the fighters in the
> region.

While I agree with the sentiment, it isn't exactly why we started this.
We realized that Skorragard and Wiesenfeuer and Namron had practices
about the same time on the same days and they were all less than forty-
five minutes from one another.  Since these three groups were so close,
it was fairly easy to get the fighters and supporting populace to commit
to the drive.

This isn't an _our_ group and _their_ group thing, it's a _your_ group
thing.  _Your_ group of fighters will do better if they go to someone
else's practice occasionally.  Call it a fighter exchange program or
something.  The three groups here in the "metro area" found it
convenient to set up something with each other, but that model starts to
fall apart by extending it to a nine-group rotation.  I think it would
stop serving the original purpose of training _your_ local fighters at
that point.

Baron Ulf

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