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Wed May 18 09:43:29 PDT 2005

Prynhawn da,

combined practices/ Regional practices

HE Master Ulf you are right when Namron, Wiesenfeuer and Skarrgardr decided to 
take there fighter practices and combine them it was a good idea and allowed 
each practice to grow and get stronger. However like a baby who must be held 
close who grows and eventually must walk these combined practices have grown 
to include fighters from the whole region. Now some of these fighters who 
travel to the OKC Metro area ask hey can we have a "combined" practice in our 
area and since we support your practice can you support ours? So having grown 
to a stage where we do not need to hold them as close the combined practices 
have blossomed into Regional practices. 
Also you are correct not everyone can travel to every practice some do and 
even if a outlying group such as Brad Leah only gets five or six extra 
fighters for one practice that is still a tremendous boost for that group. 
Chemin Noir got to have a fighters practice with 20 fighters at it that is 
4 to 5 times what it normally has. 
Now what I have asked the Local Marshals to do is come up with a schedule for 
the next 6 months. I would like those 6 months to hit 6 different 
groups, I also wanted the schedule to be one outlying group,then a central 
group, then a outlying group, then a central group etc etc etc.I would like 
the Rapier community to become involved as well, along with any of the A&S who 
would like to have a larger group to hang out with while working on there 
Now here is the break down as I have seen it so far, for the Regional 
June Skarrgardr at this time it is looking to be the 19th though I think the 
26th would be better as it gives those who are at Liles War time to come home 
and be ready for some more fighting. However if that group thinks 19th is 
better I will support there decision as best I can.
July Mooneshadowe has claimed this month no date yet.
Augst Wiesenfeuer no date yet
Sept Namron has claimed the 25th which I think is awesome as it is right 
before Crown and excellent time for a practice that draws the region together 
well done Owen Stott. 
Oct Open
Nov Open

Now I would like Oct or Nov to go to Rivers Run as they really could use the 
influx of any fighters that showed up Brad Leah could also use the help as 
well however I do not want to speak for their populace as if it is not 
supported by the local populace it will not be as much fun.I look forward to 
crossing swords with everyone.

Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn
Friendly Neighborhood Northern Regionial Knight Marshal

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