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Just a curious question but did anyone think to ask the 3 who started this 
if they were willing to do this? Thats kinda taking over their thunder isnt 
it? Like a group planning a event... setting it up as a every year event... 
then another group stepping in after the planning is done saying "The event 
is now mine". I agree Regional Fighter practices need to happen but taking 
over the Combined practices that 3 groups agreed upon???

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> Prynhawn da,
> combined practices/ Regional practices
> HE Master Ulf you are right when Namron, Wiesenfeuer and Skarrgardr 
> decided to
> take there fighter practices and combine them it was a good idea and 
> allowed
> each practice to grow and get stronger. However like a baby who must be 
> held
> close who grows and eventually must walk these combined practices have 
> grown
> to include fighters from the whole region. Now some of these fighters who
> travel to the OKC Metro area ask hey can we have a "combined" practice in 
> our
> area and since we support your practice can you support ours? So having 
> grown
> to a stage where we do not need to hold them as close the combined 
> practices
> have blossomed into Regional practices.
> Also you are correct not everyone can travel to every practice some do and
> even if a outlying group such as Brad Leah only gets five or six extra
> fighters for one practice that is still a tremendous boost for that group.
> Chemin Noir got to have a fighters practice with 20 fighters at it that is
> 4 to 5 times what it normally has.
> Now what I have asked the Local Marshals to do is come up with a schedule 
> for
> the next 6 months. I would like those 6 months to hit 6 different
> groups, I also wanted the schedule to be one outlying group,then a central
> group, then a outlying group, then a central group etc etc etc.I would 
> like
> the Rapier community to become involved as well, along with any of the A&S 
> who
> would like to have a larger group to hang out with while working on there
> project.
> Now here is the break down as I have seen it so far, for the Regional
> Practices.
> June Skarrgardr at this time it is looking to be the 19th though I think 
> the
> 26th would be better as it gives those who are at Liles War time to come 
> home
> and be ready for some more fighting. However if that group thinks 19th is
> better I will support there decision as best I can.
> July Mooneshadowe has claimed this month no date yet.
> Augst Wiesenfeuer no date yet
> Sept Namron has claimed the 25th which I think is awesome as it is right
> before Crown and excellent time for a practice that draws the region 
> together
> well done Owen Stott.
> Oct Open
> Nov Open
> Now I would like Oct or Nov to go to Rivers Run as they really could use 
> the
> influx of any fighters that showed up Brad Leah could also use the help as
> well however I do not want to speak for their populace as if it is not
> supported by the local populace it will not be as much fun.I look forward 
> to
> crossing swords with everyone.
> Syr Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearn
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