[NR] Clarification on Baronial Polling

Lori Campbell lcampbell at oltn.odl.state.ok.us
Tue Jul 11 06:59:41 PDT 2006

 > Ulfie said:
 > I think that the latter is the intent.

And I'm sure you're right, that the intent was just to give people 
playing in both Wiesenfeuer and Namron only one voice in one place. 
Although my sense of logic dictates that a rare case of someone playing 
*equally* and *actively* in both baronies should have a say in both 
polls because their game will be strongly affected by both choices, my 
brain realizes that this would be almost impossible to enforce.

In the end I don't suppose it matters, because we still rely on the 
wisdom of our Crown to make the final decision and poll numbers are only 
one - and not even the most important - tool they will use. Probably 
I've just been focused on the GC too long because I've become almost 
compulsive about wanting things to mean what they say and say what they 
mean. I keep remembering what someone wise once told me.... about 
writing rules so that the dumbest or most devious cannot take advantage. 

Kat >^.,.^<

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