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John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 20:54:30 PDT 2006


   I tried ot post this to the Wisenfeur baronial
list, but I got a bounce. Would someone please forward
it there for me?


   Please pardon the extreme OT nature of my post. I
am Valstarr from the old Rundel (McAlester) area, and
I need help seeing if a store still exists.

   It's a pretty big sized army surp;lus-type store in
the old part of the city south of I-40. It also has a
huge assortment of big and tall men's clothing that
they obtained form other stores. Of course, I don't
recall a name :)

  I used ti go south off of I-40 on Scott or Reno, I
think. It was a good ways south, and I drove by some
old tin-looking warehouse buildings and into an old
part of the city. It was on the west side of the

   The last time I was in OKC looking for it, I may
have spent an hour and couldn't even find the
building. I'd been there two or three times before.

   Does this place even still exist? If it does and
you can give me an idea of street address/how to find
it, please contact me offlist, as I am not a member of
your Baronial e-list.

   I need to do a bit of big men's clothes purchasing,
and it was the most reasonable place in the state I've
found of the exceeding few you can buy a 24" neck
(that's 7X) long-sleeved dress shirt off the rack at.

   It would cool to be able to cxmbine picking up a
couple fo needed items there with making your demo
(which I hope to do,) this weekend!

valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
newsman at mcalesterradio.com

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