[NR] need help

fynreswolf@aol.com fynreswolf at aol.com
Mon Oct 2 22:48:21 PDT 2006

 I need to either borrow or buy a trailer. I would prefer to borrow at this time. I am looking for either a flatbed of at least 5x8 or an enclosed of at least that size but no bigger than 6x12, u-haul wants a not so small fortune to rent one. I will need it for about a week and a half starting the 16th of Oct. Thats the Monday after Protectorate, but I can pick it up on that day if necessary. I have to take it to Minnisota to pick up some furniture. If you can help please contact me either here or call (home) 405-360-3197 or (cell) 405 503-0847.
Ld Terric
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