[NR] Children's policy questions

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Mon Jun 4 19:34:36 PDT 2007

Greetings to all who receive this missive.  I am writing this to clarify some issues that have come up recently concerning the new policy changes put in place by the Board of Directors concerning Children and Children's activities. I would ask that this missive be cross posted to the lists that I am not on in the Northern region.

A question has come up concerning notarized waivers and when they are required.  The current policy is this: a waiver is only required if the parent/guardian is going to be off site.  A parent can leave their children with another responsible person, children under the age of 12 are not considered suitable babysitters in the SCA.  Children under the age of 12 are required to be in eye/earshot of the parent at all times unless they have specifically asked someone else to watch the children.   A parent can not assume someone will watch their children, and can not in general ask the camp to watch the kids.  A specific person must be made aware that they are going to be held responsible for the children. If that person does not maintain supervision of the children the parent will be held responsible.  Children under 12 that are not within eye/earshot of the parent/responsible adult should be brought to the attention of the event steward or the seneschal of the group.  

A waiver is not required to drop children off at children's activities.  Children's activities at events should take place as close as possible to the main activities for the event for the safety of the children.  Children's activities are not babysitting services and parents are encouraged to spend some time at the activities with their children.  

The society is not trying to make it difficult or unpleasant for parents with young children to attend events.  They are only asking that parents be responsible for their children at all times.  This is not meant to be directed at any one person in any way.  This is simply the easiest way I could think of to get the message out to as many people as I could.  Children are the future of the SCA and we want to provide them the safest possible environment to participate in.  I would encourage anyone with questions to please contact me via email or the phone.  And please bring your children to events so they can grow up seeing that chivalry and honor are not dead in these times.

HE Ainar Magnusson
NR Seneschal

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