[NR] Big Demo in Northkeep

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 6 10:16:01 PDT 2007

Greetings all,
I know this email will sound a little manic, trust me I am not, I just want 
to make sure we are ready because this is an important demo. Today is 
Thursday that leaves exactly two days before the very important Library 
Pira...Privateer Demo.I would like to check with all of you on things to 
make sure we are all excited about the demo and prepared for it.

1. Are people coming?
People are the most important part of this whole demo with out people from 
Northkeep to be there and help out it will simply not go well. So if you can 
come out if only for a couple of hours or only for one hour please. PLEASE, 
do so.

2. Set Up?
The set up needs to start as early as possible on Saturday
The Baronial Trailer will be there Saturday morning.
We will need to raise the Baronial Pavilion set up a list field, and help 
finish the ship.
We will need lots of tables so if you have portable sturdy table please 
bring it.

We will need at least three pavilions maybe four...one for the main display 
and artisans to work under, one for the fighters (does one of the Angi want 
to bring their personal pavilions for this purpose?), one for the 
Water-bearers (we have a popup in the Baronial trailer we can use), if we do 
a fourth it should one of the patchworks to be used for any children's 
activities that we might have going on. Are we doing the beading thing again 
this year if so I am sure we could use a supply of inexpensive beads and 
beading materials.

3. Hand outs?
Do we have hand outs printed?
we talked about Business cards, do we have Northkeep business cards printed?

4. Water-bearing?
We have the one popup in the trailer and I think at least one Table.
Do we have all the supplies we need? Tables, Drinks, Food, Water-bearers?

5. Fighters?
Are you all coming and bringing your toys
Remember to really have fun and play things up for the crowd.

6. Artisans?
Are you bringing projects to work on?
Are you bringing items to display?

7. Displays?
We need some examples of all the SCA does
Arts and Crafts, Archery, fighting, camping, feasting
A few peace tied weapons would be nice and examples of armor like a helmet 
and a chain-mail shirt
A model medieval encampment would be nice maybe Fenton can bring his 
pavilion, rope-bed, and chest?

We need some nice banners and pennants to really spruce the place up
Also if you bring a modern chair or cooler please bring a throw to cover it.
We need portable holes with free standing banners to go in them?I have two 
that I will bring.

Want to come play or sing we would really welcome you.

Again I can not say enough how important People are? Please everyone dress 
up and come up for this demo it is only a few hours on Saturday and 
Northkeep really needs you to be there. While you are there interact with 
the public, put on a friendly face, share your experience in the SCA with 
others, for your efforts our Barony may prosper and grow.

So is everyone getting excited about this demo? I know I am, so please come 
out and share in this demo and the revel afterwards.


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