[NR] Fw: lost & found from Coronation

Janice Kirksey steward at coronation-sca.org
Mon Nov 16 10:34:49 PST 2009


Greeting Good Gentles,

     The Barony of Eldern Hills and Shire of Brad Leah  would like to thank all who came to Coronation.

    Lost & Found left in the Hall.
    1 Clear plastic w/white lid ( inside a small doll dressed in vicking dress, a doll cloke,  stork sissors)   
    1 Feast basket w/feast grear (  3 silver tone plates, 3 wooden plates, small mugs in blue purple, white, metal)
    1 black barett w/plaid ribbon  pined to the side
    1 clear plastic w/blue lid ( inside 1 puter bowl w/grape boarder,1 wooden bowl,1 plastic ladle)
    1 ring ( please discribe)
    1 Black leathr pouch w/celtic desigh in green,yellow stone buttons on each side)
    1 light purple mug w/celtic  writting on side and elephant token on handle
    1 black bag w/small plastic bags inside & Brothers p-touch tape cartridge.

    Brom and I will attend Bordermarch Autumn Melees and Wiesenfurer Yule. If I can bring you something let me know...otherwise please make arrangments  to retreve them.


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