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Please crosspost this to whatever list you need to as I can't seem to 
send it thru Ansteorran announce or the northern list....Thanks. 
Greeting Good Gentles,

     The Barony of Eldern Hills and Shire of Brad Leah  would like to 
thank all who came to Coronation.

    Lost & Found left in the Hall.
    1 Clear plastic w/white lid ( inside a small doll dressed in vicking 
dress, a doll cloke,  stork sissors)   
    1 Feast basket w/feast grear (  3 silver tone plates, 3 wooden 
plates, small mugs in blue purple, white, metal)
    1 black barett w/plaid ribbon  pined to the side
    1 clear plastic w/blue lid ( inside 1 puter bowl w/grape boarder,1 
wooden bowl,1 plastic ladle)
    1 ring ( please discribe)
    1 Black leathr pouch w/celtic desigh in green,yellow stone buttons 
on each side)
    1 light purple mug w/celtic  writting on side and elephant token on 
    1 black bag w/small plastic bags inside & Brothers p-touch tape 
    Brom and I will attend Bordermarch Autumn Melees and Wiesenfurer 
Yule. If I can bring you something let me know...otherwise please make 
arrangments  to retreve them.


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