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Deborah May auntdwen at sbcglobal.net
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Yep, Thomas got it right.  Sam's Surplus, or whatever they're calling themselves now, is South of 1-40 so the street is Agnew instead of Villa (which is the street's name if you go north) at about S. 25th.  They do also have some great camping gear as well as large sized clothing at a very reasonable price.

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   My apology for the OT nature: I'm looking for a store in OKC that I went to a couple of times 5-7 years ago, but since can't recall the name, or exactly how to get there. A few years back, I posted here, and I beleive it was Baroness Ceridwen that helpfully gave me directions, which I saved, then somehow lost.

   I know I travelled south off of I-40, I think somewhere west of Scott/Agnew. I went quite a ways through an older part of town, large corrigated tin-looking buildings. It was, oddly enough, a combination surplus/military-surplus type store on one side, with the other side containing a large selection of big men's clothing.

   I plan to be in OKC Saturday and wanted to go buy some items there. I'd appreciate any help finding the place.

   Other than that, with the Barry's Big & Tall on Wilshire closed, that leaves the one near Crossroads, and a Casual Male Big & Tall not too far from Crossroad's, if I recall correctly, as my other options.


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