[NR] Stirring Up the Pot at Lady of the Lake

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Fri Apr 30 07:00:26 PDT 2010

Greetings Fellow Chefs, Cooks, and other Stirrers of the Pot,
Tis I , Ld. Albin Oil de Larrun. Chef, cook, and a Definite Stirrer of the Pot.. 
I wish to make known to Kingdom that not only is Lady of the Lake coming up soon http://adlersruhe.ansteorra.org/events/lady/2010/
But that our Autocrats are planning a wonderful cooking Competition!!!!!
If you consider yourself to have any culinary skills, or you can burn water, I emplore you to come out and show us what your “made of”.. Yes every pun intended..
I personally plan to stir up the pot and make one of my more sought after receipes

Ode to the Spoon
Twas spoon in Mouth was born
Twas spoon in Hand this morn
Twas spoon in Pot did taste
Twas spoon that burned in haste
Ld. Albin Oil de Larrun
Shire Adlersruhe
     1- This is in the style of Iron Chef
     2- Documentation IS NOT required but is strongly encouraged.
     3- You must cook the food ON SITE. You can cut, chop and marinade before arrival BUT you MUST cook on site.
      4- You can start cooking as soon as you get the secret ingredient.
      5-You are only required to prepare ONE dish. Be it Appetizer, Main Dish, Side, Desert or Beverage. You may fix more than one dish and extra points will be             awarded for each extra dish.
      6-The secret ingredient must be included in every dish prepared in some form.
      7-All dishes must be on the judging table BY NOON on Saturday. All entries must be of sufficient quantity to be sampled by at least 5 judges. 
Hope this Helps everyone. If there are sti

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