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Last night  at open A&S we got a good start on the project to make toys 
for Father Christmas to give to  the kids at Yule Revel. We had 6 
“Elves” working.  If you would like to help we will be meeting at the 
open A&S at the Hidden Castle in Norman the next 2 Mon. nights starting 
around 6:30.

Work hard,keep the ceremonies,live peaceably, and unite your hearts.

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A couple of us have been talking, and Saturday we decided to take action 
on it.

Between now and Wiesenfeur Yule revel, we are going to see how many 
items we can MAKE for Father Christmas to deliver.  We have plans (and 
most of the materials) for hobby-horses, game boards of many types 
(nine-men's morris, hnetafl, fox and geese, etc) and fabric dolls.  We 
are planning on using the 3 Monday evening open A&S meetings to do bulk 
work, as well as working at home.  What we could use is more willing 
hands to help with this.

I understand that tomorrow is officer's meeting, and some who might want 
to help will be there.  If so, feel free to contact me if you want to 
help but need supplies or instructions, or come next week to A&S. 
(Preferably both, it's more fun to work in company.)  Also, if you can 
think of any other items which could be made fairly quickly in bulk, let 
us know and we'll be happy to help you with them.

Annabelle Fitzsimmons
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