[NR] A Thought from a Dino (was northern naming)

Lori C. countesskat at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 17:49:47 PST 2011

> Roz and Finn said:
> One of my favorties is "Polaris" the North Star...

I can't claim dinosaur status, but I've been around long enough to be considered obsolete... ;) 

I just wanted to say that, of all the names I've seen suggested, I really like this possibility. Polaris as the North Star (an unchanging celestial body in the sky, critical to navigation for many medieval cultures as it was always there to show the way home) would provide a compromise on the whole “north star” issue that even I wouldn’t object to... 

And Latin... hey that works for pretty much most personas (there are actually some of us who aren't scandanavian :). 

It is clear and pronounceable on first glance, doesn’t sound like an inappropriate English slang word… and you can type it on a standard keyboard without using any special macros or symbols. YAY! Plus, from a scribal pov, all letters are easy to find in most period calligraphy hands (unlike J, K, Q, X, etc and letters unique to other languages). 

I really hope they add this name to the “official” list of suggestions. It might even motivate me to vote.

~ Kat M.


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