[NR] Proposed Northern Regional Names

Kerry Pratt kpratt at sw.rr.com
Tue Feb 8 07:06:18 PST 2011

Not to be contrary to what seems to be a popular idea, but...  What is the
proposed endgame behind coming up with a region name for the north?  Right
now, the Kingdom is broken down into four regions which continue to morph as
groups move from one administrative region to the next.  I'm guessing it's
for load balancing among the regional officers.  These regions are
administrative divisions of the Kingdom not philosophical ones.  While I
would be one of the first to agree that there are differences between the
north and south, I doubt that you wouldn't also find differences between,
say, baronies as close together as Namron and Weisenfeuer.  We don't need a
name to be proud of what we are.  We accomplish that already in great ways.
While a name may provide a rallying point for some of the folks in the north
it may form a wedge within the Kingdom.  Is that really something that we
want?  Is there some deeper push behind naming the north?  Some 800 pound
gorilla in the room that everyone wants to pretend isn't there?  The north
already has an identity, it doesn't seem to me like it needs a new name.
Unless a large number of folks really want to talk about that gorilla and
the large number of hurt feelings that WILL accompany it on both sides of
the argument why do need to find a name?  

And lest you think I'm not reading the posts, even the northernmost portion
of Ansteorra is in the south of the U.S.  Please, if you continue on, don't
saddle us with any form that has north, especially nord, in it.  I can just
hear the 'nerd' pronunciation that southern Texas drawl would immediately
make.  Think 'nerdville' and 'nerdsteorra'... I'm just sayin'...

William Cameron deBlakstan

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