[NR] Proposed Northern Regional Names

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Tue Feb 8 07:42:16 PST 2011

William said:

>Right now, the Kingdom is broken down into four regions which continue to
>morph as groups move from one administrative region to the next.  I'm
>guessing it's for load balancing among the regional officers.  These
>regions are administrative divisions of the Kingdom not philosophical ones.

I don't think that's it. The groups that have moved from one administrative region to another have done so more because of philosophical reasons -- i.e., they identify, look towards, play more with the new region than with the old one. After Round Table, with Raven's Fort moving to Coastal, the count stands thus: North 10; Central 8; South 7; Coastal 10.

>The north already has an identity, it doesn't seem to me like it needs
>a new name.

"the north" -- I'm so truly tired of that as our identifier. It's based on the administrative region name. Which is plain, dull, and boring while being only slightly descriptive in that, yes, the region is north of all the other regions. As someone mentioned, there is a kingdom much further north with "north" as part of their name. Why get confused with them? And I agree with Countess Kat that it would be nice to have a name that didn't include non-english standard letters, I'm willing to consider almost anything -- as long as it doesn't start with an "A"! 

Estrill Swet

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