[NR] Proposed Northern Regional Names

barrett1 at cox.net barrett1 at cox.net
Tue Feb 8 08:24:40 PST 2011

Kerry said-
"And lest you think I'm not reading the posts, even the northernmost portion 
of Ansteorra is in the south of the U.S.  Please, if you continue on, don't 
saddle us with any form that has north, especially nord, in it.  I can just 
hear the 'nerd' pronunciation that southern Texas drawl would immediately 
make.  Think 'nerdville' and 'nerdsteorra'... I'm just sayin'... 
William Cameron deBlakstan"

Aside from the other question of "why have a regional name at all", I wanted to agree with this portion.

One of the issues was our people going to Gulf wars and Pennsic and proudly saying they were from "the North", and people from Wisconsin and Minnesota were excited to know where in the north.

There is nothing northern about Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle at all.

I would hope we would look for an identity a little more meaningful, and not just the direction one has to drive from Elfsea or Bjornsburg to reach us. 

William, as for the other portion of your post asking why we should, a lot of folks feel we already have a distinct culture and regional identity, and "the North" isn't really working, so the conversation is happening... should we have a name, what would the name be, etc.
Precedent is set in other places, like the Midrealm, where the regions each have distinct names and are formally recognized.


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