[NR] solutions to North Ansteorra problems

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maily because i'm a curious old cuss,but also because i live in the northern 

what would be the significance of a blue and white rose or ribbons ?
aren't the colors of trimaris blue and white ??
will the roses of ansteorra not get upset over this ?
also what is the significance of polaris / the north star ?
since part of the problem seems to be that while we are the northern part of 
ansteorra, we are far from being " northern " ...

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .

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> Greetings People of North Ansteorra
> One of the reasons many people feel the need to have a special name for us 
> up North is that people in the south and people from other kingoms don't 
> seem to  recognize us as an Unit.
> I believe we can solve that problem  without a special name.
> I would suggest that we all wear a token to represent the North. I think 
> it should be a royal blue ribbon and a white ribbon in a cockade or a blue 
> and white ribbon rose,
> I also think we should show up to coronation in force if we can.
> I understand many of us can't. I am one. I have not money to go and no 
> ride.
> If you go to feast, put something  blue and white on your table.
> This way people can see that we are a force.
> Please remember this is the Pensic King and if he wants fighters the best 
> place to get a fighting force is with those people closer to Pensic. That 
> is us.
> we are the North Star, we are Polaris
> We lead Ansteorra to Glory.
> Duchess Willow de Wisp
> First Queen of Ansteorra
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