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Thank you for the plug. I think I speak for the Barony when I say that we
would be extatic to see our fellow northerers at Bonwicke Champions in June.
There will be much fun and fighting and probably at least a bit of
foolishness (of coarse all in good fun). We will keep the Nothern list up to
date on specifics as they are set.

Pippa of Bonwicke
(whos only real concern on nameing the north is that Bonwicke and Adlersruhe
not be left out)

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> solutions to Northkeep problems
> greetings
>> I believe what tadhg was trying to say was that any name for the region,
>> should apply to all groups in the region.
>> for instance if you named the region- moonstorm , how many people will
>> believe that ( whether or not it is true) that only namron and mooneschadow
>> mattered in the naming ? or green country- northkeep , or red dirt - eldern
>> / weisenfeuer . etc.
>> we are not " just " any one land feature , any one weather feature , any
>> one historical period,or even any one solar feature .
>> and naming the " northern region " after some things , will only make
>> others laugh , as they do when we say were "from the north ".
>> Oklahoma, and upper Texas all have minor earthquakes , and the
>> temperatures often exceed 100 degrees ,
>> does that mean we should name the region " shake and bake " ??( even if we
>> use a different language to pretty it up )
>> I don't think so, but hey , im trying to think ahead , and I'm only one
>> voice , so not worth much , in the grander scheme .
>> and really, if people choose some silly, ill fitting name , I can always
>> just ignore it ,and say " I'm an ansteorran from northkeep "  at least till
>> I'm too old to play any more .
>> on the perception of the southern ignoring the northern on many things
>> including royal presence,etc. whether or not it may be true ,seems
>> irrelevant to me .
>> we as a region , in describing " our " region" , should be looking to
>> ourselves and those in our region , it only becomes a kingdom issue if /
>> when a name / names are considered for sending to the heralds for final
>> choice. because no matter what we choose, the heralds will tell us what we
>> are allowed to use .
>> and really , I know history has left bad feelings on both sides of the
>> issue, but aren't we all supposed to be honorable , chivalrous ,adults ?
>> can't we give the other side , the benefit of the doubt, and get past this
>> for the greater good ?
>> right now , gas prices, economy, finances etc. are already putting a
>> strain on sca activities, so it is getting harder for people from any region
>> to travel to other regions , except for the central region, which seems to
>> be centrally located .... duhh ; )
>> anyway, speaking of travel , bonwick is having a wonderful event in June,
>> people should try to save up and go : ) their really nice people, and fun
>> too :)
>> again , just my opinion, your mileage may vary
>> Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun .
>> Arthur
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>> Honestly, Tadhg, I think that part of the reason the concept of "north" is
>>> rooted so heavily in some of us (not necessarily claiming myself in this,
>>> but not discounting it either), is that there have been a number of
>>> instances in our history where the perception (at least) has been an "us
>>> vs
>>> them" framework. There are people, or at least there were
>>> relatively recently, who think that part of the north's character was
>>> achieved in spite of, or against the will of the rest of the kingdom. The
>>> accuracy of that mindset is certainly debatable (to say the least), but I
>>> would think that we can agree that the perception exists at some level.
>>> Ivo
>>> On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 11:16 AM, Tadhg <ld_tadhg at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Well put and agreed so long as you concede that you are referring to
>>>> North
>>>> Carolinians as being northern among Carolinians.
>>>> My preference is to find some symbol in common between all our peoples
>>>> in
>>>> this region.
>>>> Tadhg
>>>> ...brick by brick
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