[NR] Wreath meeting AT Mooneschadowe Provincial Games!

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Mon Feb 11 14:42:16 PST 2013

This coming Saturday is Provincial Games in Mooneschadowe. Lots of fun
for all the fighter types, to be sure! But it's also the only weekend
in February that I can hold a Wreath meeting, so... that's going to

What's a Wreath meeting? Glad you asked!  It's a partly-in-person and
partly-online heraldry meeting, where we sit and look at the armory
submissions (devices and badges) of the entire Known World, and
discuss whether they are to be registered, or returned. Serious "how
the sausage is made" time. This is absolutely open to non-heralds as
well as heralds!  You can wander in and out all day, as you please, as
we'll just be over in a corner (with a lot of power outlets). If you
have a wifi-enabled device (laptop or tablet works best), bring it!
That way you can better follow along, at least, with the pretty


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