[NR] OU's Medieval Fair revel

Epperson, Sheryl eppersos at oge.com
Tue Feb 12 09:02:35 PST 2013

Greetings to one and all,

OU's Medieval Fair is less than 8 weeks away.  I hope many of you will be able to come and help us with the demo during the day, but there are others who will be posting about that.

What I am posting about concerns a revel being held on Saturday evening, April, 6.

As a thank you to everyone concerned, the Barony of Namron will be hosting the revel at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall at 1309 W Boyd, Norman, OK.  We are planning on having some food available for those who do not wish to stop on their way over, but we need help.

What we need help with is ideas.  What type of party would people like?  Do you  just want a place to relax away from the crowds of the day, somewhere to sing the songs we don't want to perform in a non-SCA setting, drumming and dancing, or some of each?  The hall has several rooms, so we can accommodate several activities, but we need some idea of what people want and suggestions for how to implement the ideas.

Also, since this is supposed to be a way for our people to relax away from non-SCA crowds, we would ask that you not tell other performers/vendors at the fair of the party unless they are SCA.  If you meet someone who seems interested in joining the SCA, feel free to ask them to accompany them you to the party, but don't just tell them to show up.  The last few years we have had people who did not seem interested in the SCA as a group, just in having a party.

Feel free to send suggestions to me, or to post them to the Namron or Northern lists.

Annabelle Fitzsimmons
Barony of Namron

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