[NR] Society for Compulsive Alcoholics?

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Alcohol is one of those interesting things in our culture.  For several decades as an adult after college I couldn't drink alcohol without getting painfully ill (a result of too much alcohol in college).  Currently I can again, and am happy as a clam about it, but I still generally don't drink at SCA events however since that's not why I'm there (which is not to say I won't have a social snort, but am not likely to get inebriated).  Now at academic or donor functions, I will certainly drink, if for no other reason than there is an unspoken assumption in our mundane culture that if you don't drink when having fun there is something *wrong*, such as you're an alcoholic (traditionally, a moral failing).  Not being able to hold your liquor is often considered a weakness, or that you are less of a whatever. 

Myself, I view it the other way -- if the deal-breaker for your attending an event is that the site is dry, I think that's unfortunate.

BTW, I have to say that hanging out with a lot of drunks, while sometimes funny to watch, can get kind of boring if you are the sober one.  As the evening wears on and other folks brains slow down, the lulls in the conversation lengthen, and the lols can fall to the wayside altogether.


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> Subject: [NR] Society for Compulsive Alcoholics?
> My group is looking to hold an event in September (Gods willing) and one of
> the venues we're looking at is a dry site.
> How important is alcohol, in your opinion, to an event? What if the event
> was tailored to a specific community (say, Rapier) and had a ton of fun
> activities planned....but was dry. Would that factor in to your decision to
> attend?
> Any tips or hints you might give to a new Crat facing this situation?
> Much Thanks,
> Lady Sorcha McCullogh
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