NK - Retrabution

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at email.msn.com
Thu Nov 12 10:19:24 PST 1998

whaaaaa hoooo, here we go....

As I see it, as the list administrator, until told to behave otherwise,
subscribers may say whatever they want about whatever subject they want. You
MAY NOT condemn the PERSON, however, you MAY condemn their ACTIONS.

>From the list administrator posisition, as long as the 'slam' is about an
action(s) and not the person(s), your posts will not be dis-allowed,
(comercial advertisments, and HARSH profanity will be dis-allowed, not all
subscribers are adults). As list administrator, I can't stop other list
members from disagreeing with your statements or actions, but I can disagree
with members attacking one another on a personal level. I also can't and
wont stop them from posting such disagreements.

That said, I believe this list is here to post such feelings and ideas. If
we don't let each other know how we feel, or what we are thinking, change,
hopefully for the better, will be even that much slower.


From: Angus <angus at okom.net>

>What if any are off limits?
>May I freely and with out fear of retrabution slam the powers that be as
>long as I feel it is the truth?

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