NK - Greetings to the Barony

harriet meeker berengaria at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:59:11 PST 1998

>From: "Rick Drake" <rdrake at okom.net>
>>>>Greetings to all on this list.  I apologize for being scarce since 
>>>>our recent move.  I hope this will change in the next month or so 
>>>>as we get further unpacked and settled in.
>>>That's ok, I'm sure we all can relate to "real life" stuff 
>>>interfering with things.  I know *I* certainly can.
>>Lets see work getting in the way of SCA stuff Nope can't relate to 
>>that at all.
>>Ainar the person who hasn't made fighter practice or populus in 
>>forever it seems.

I think the last populace meeting I attended was back before Kevin was 
Seneshcal.  I'm not sure my memory goes back that far :-)

Harriet Meeker
(SKA: Berengaria Ravencroft)
Berengaria at hotmail.com
"The brave man carves out his own fortune, and every man is the son of 
his own works" -- Miguel de Cervantes

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