NK - 3Kings and such

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at email.msn.com
Mon Nov 16 20:18:40 PST 1998

Speaking of ballista's, anyone want to do a pizza and beer night to make
ballista bolts, which we ran out of during the battle?

Bards don't spoil the fun, going hungry spoils the fun... and with the right
sauce, you will never know it was a bard.... :)

(taught to be mean to bards by Angus, <evil grin>)

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>Big vivats to Carlyle du Troyes!
>Thanks for constructing and bringing the siege weapons, especially the
>ballista!  Make some more of the ballista, they are very effective.
>I wish more Northkeep fighters could have been there to enjoy the ass
>we handed out.  It was a hoot and good times were had by all!  Even the
>occasional bard couldn't spoil the fun.
>This event is definitely getting better every year.  The current site is
>excellent with good showers, etc.
>See yall at Populus

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