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Nathan W. Jones njones at ix.netcom.com
Tue Nov 17 22:18:38 PST 1998

Merrik(or Marrik or Marrok, which is it?) wrote:
>Bards don't spoil the fun, going hungry spoils the fun... and with the right
>sauce, you will never know it was a bard.... :)

Okay, Okay...Now it's personal!!  Not only have you insulted me as a
bard-type person, but now you've insulted me as a cook!

Properly prepared, a sauce should _enhance_ the flavor of meat.  

Sample Recipes

Meat:			Method of preperation

Heavy Fighter		Roasted in the shell with an au jous of the 			drippings.
Tends to be tough and stringy if 			not slow cooked.

Light fighter		Baked in a puff pastry.  Goes well with 			whine...er, wine.

Archer			Spit roasted.  (tends to be hard to pluck.)

Bard			Sliced thin and pan fried.  Careful with 			cooking as the material
is often overdone. 

Nobility		Minced and done as pate.  Very rich, and can be 			spread thin.

Herald			Best in a stew, has a tendency to be tasteless 			on occasion.

Running and ducking.

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