NK - Fwd: Homework Help! Primary Vs. Secondary sources.

Angus angus at okom.net
Tue Nov 24 21:57:21 PST 1998

An honest question:

Is the bible consedered a primary source.
If so which one
king james, The new world living bible......
I am not being a smart Ars I just want to know


>Yup.  Unless you can go to a real live, honest to goodness original 
>document (the epic of Gilgamesh, your birth certificate, the 1973
>Tulsa city directory, the Bible, whatever), you are going to have to 
>rely on the fact that whoever translated it, edited it, copied it, 
>photocopied it, whatever, didn't change it.  This is why primary 
>sources are so precious. 

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