NK - Fwd: Homework Help! Primary Vs. Secondary sources.

I. Marc Carlson LIB_IMC at centum.utulsa.edu
Wed Nov 25 06:25:56 PST 1998

<"Angus" <angus at okom.net>>
>An honest question:
>Is the bible consedered a primary source.
>If so which one 
>king james, The new world living bible......
>I am not being a smart Ars I just want to know

For *scholarly* purposes, there are no versions of the Bible still existing 
that are not either copies or translations.  That is why seminary students
generally take the time to learn Old Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek, so they 
can at least read the various books in the languages they were written in --
to minimize the degree of separation between them and the actual documents.

For *religious* purposes, there is often the assumption that God has seen to
it that the essential meaning comes through the translation process.  That 
means that whatever translations you and your minister or priest can agree on
should be just fine.

Personally, my preferences are the New Jerusalem for the content, and the
KJV for the language.  The Jesus Seminar's translations of the Gospels are
quite interesting too...

Diarmaid, of course, reads it in Latin, as God intended.


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