NK - Fwd: Homework Help! Primary Vs. Secondary sources.

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at email.msn.com
Wed Nov 25 07:36:27 PST 1998

Ten to one, Catharine MacLeod would help ANY member of the group who needed
help with research.

Does that qualify as "of interest/entertainment to the group"?

>Just a whinny note :
>this is a public media and any info for 1 recip. should be done privately
>unless you think it is of interest/ entertainment to all....
>thanks I 'll get off my soap box and eat some cheese now.

>>I am very familiar with Primary and Secondary sources, but not with the
>>references you give.  I will try to help anyway.  Unless you teacher is
>>requiring both, treat anything that has been written in a book -
>>for SCA timeline - as secondary.  It would take some detailed research to
>>determine if the writer, even if writing in that time period, would have
>>been writng his or her own experiences.
>>Let me know if I may be of any more help to you.
>>Marilyn Yoder - Catharine MacLeod

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