NK - Accident

blat at mail.swbell.net blat at mail.swbell.net
Sun Feb 7 22:04:58 PST 1999

Jeez...I think m'heart just stopped! (Pant-Pant!)

(Thanks for the info...Especially the part about them being alright:)

Merrik Viltar Har wrote:
> By request....
> H.L. Beorhtlic Folcwineson and Lady Elizabetta af Isafjord were in a three
> car accident Saturday evening (?). They are both without serious injury,
> although Elizabetta did suffer a smallish cut upon her noggin. No stitches
> and no admittance to the hospital.
> Congratulations and condolences will be welcome.
> Merrik Viltar Har

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