NK - Accident

England, Dennis E Dennis.England at med.va.gov
Mon Feb 8 06:42:39 PST 1999

Glad you are both okay!  Watch out for the maniacs out there.  Please call
if you need a hand with something.  Balvin.

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> Not like I don't seem to find those awkward positions all by myself,
> however
> thanks for the correction, I was wrong.
> What you really need to do is get onto that lazy virtual scribe of yours
> who
> appearantly doesn't keep his database as pristeen as he thinks he does.
> Get well soon MASTER Beorhtlic and Lady Elizabetta.
> Merrik
> :OOPs  wouldn't want  one of Master  Beorhtlic's peers gettin' ya for
> failing
> :to remember his new rank. Never know who might be put in an awkward
> :position. 8-0
> :        We'll still like you , Thorgrim

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