NK - Toy Tourney

RavenOak01 at aol.com RavenOak01 at aol.com
Thu Jul 1 17:13:48 PDT 1999

	Okay, this is just my humble opinion, this and a buck fifty will get 
you a cup of java.  The question has been brought up about what the barony 
would like to do about the toy tourney.... 
	There are a few problems with how other barony's are upset with the 
fact that we here in Northkeep manages to win the bloody contest a lot.  Now, 
I don't know a lot about the tourney itself but wasn't the idea of 
competition to raise more toys for children?   Weren't the children the ones 
who were supposed to win in the long run anyway?  I can handle a few snide 
remarks from others, and mutters under the breath will be there regardless of 
what happens in the tournament, after all they don't live in Northkeep, of 
course they are unhappy. 
	But, we all are Ansteorran, right?  Let's raise a flood of toy's for 
the children as Ansteorrans.  And if we do somehow manage to win again, fine, 
let's hope it encourages the other barony's to finally out do us so they beat 
us next year and the children win even more.  Let our battle cry be," For the 
     Just my humble opinion, as I said, what ever their Excellencies decide I 
will happily serve....
						In Service, 

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