NK - Toy Tourney

Harmosk at aol.com Harmosk at aol.com
Thu Jul 1 21:29:53 PDT 1999

<rolls her eyes> How could anyone have a problem with MORE toys for children 
who need them!? I just can't bring myself to give a .... um, damn about such 
a person's opinion. There's an easy way to fix this "problem", get more toys 
than northkeep! Duh. Whoop some northkeep ass... c'mon, it's a dare. I'd be 
willing to bet, though, that you won't hear northkeep whining about someone 
else's generosity.

Hmmm, I must be grumpy tonight, oh well... 

Wench of The Ship Maria
(who is not, at this time, speaking for the whole ship)

In a message dated 7/1/99 7:16:37 PM Central Daylight Time, 
RavenOak01 at AOL.com writes:

<< There are a few problems with how other barony's are upset with the 
 fact that we here in Northkeep manages to win the bloody contest a lot.  
 I don't know a lot about the tourney itself but wasn't the idea of 
 competition to raise more toys for children?   Weren't the children the ones 
 who were supposed to win in the long run anyway?  I can handle a few snide 
 remarks from others, and mutters under the breath will be there regardless 
 what happens in the tournament, after all they don't live in Northkeep, of 
 course they are unhappy.  >>

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