NK - Re: NR - On Northkeep and Toy Tourney (LONG)

John Bush jbush_osu at ionet.net
Sun Jul 4 10:34:17 PDT 1999

I say VIVAT and HUZZAH for Northkeep!  I suspect the gripers are not
folks who would contribute much to a Toy Tourney in any case.  It could
well be an excuse for poor participation, or none.  If they have nothing
worse to gripe about than Northkeep being overly generous to needy
children, you are doing very well, IMHO.  (Make that IMNVHO, since my
opinion is this case is not very humble at all.)  Keep up the good work.
If any group, small or large, really wants to outdo Northkeep in
generosity, let them get organized and work at it, not gripe about how
unfair it all is.

Lord John of Trowbridge
A member of the Shire of Mooneschadowe--but my opinions are my own, not
Mooneschadowe's.  ;-)

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