NK - On Northkeep and Toy Tourney (LONG)

Jerry Herring herring at viagrafix.net
Wed Jul 7 18:39:13 PDT 1999


I would like to say: well said and well meant your Excellencies.

 I for one think that the petty nature of people out there is a sad thing,
especially when they do not seek the truth of a matter. Those of you out
there reading this should never try to defame others at the cost of
innocents. The price of your actions may be higher than you are willing to
 Simply because we are proud, strong, and fierce here in the north people
fear and resent us. The negative opinions that crop up are unfounded. If
there is one case of bad hospitality or truly an offence to person or
possession I would challenge anyone to bring it forth so that we might make
amends. Let us show the kind, generous, sharing nature that prevails here in
Northkeep and is closer to the truth about how we really are.

I suggest that in the case of this toy tourney we do not compete to win this
year, but instead we raise enough toys to equal the entire populace of the
Northern Baronies of the Kingdom of Ansteorra and then send an invitation to
each offering that we would be more than glad to donate these toys so that
each person who could not afford to pay the cost of a toy to attend the
event may use one of the toys we have. Furthermore that the toys used maybe
counted to the total of toys  for what ever group these people are from.
This way the children get the toys, other groups have a chance to win, and
people who would not normally be able to attend the event are given a chance
to do so, and we can still feel good about serving the greater good for the
All of the other toys collected here in the Barony can be donated to a needy
group in Tulsa, outside of the competition at the Toy tourney. As there
excellencies suggested I think a local competition would work just as well.

This is after all just my opinion, please every one express yours as well.
The more that is heard on this subject the better chance the children have
of coming out ahead.

As always, in service,
Ian Dun GIllan

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