NK - Northkeep and Toy Tourney

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at msn.com
Wed Jul 7 10:25:23 PDT 1999

The alleged problems about Northkeep winning that have come from outside
Northkeep were typical human type statements made when people don't get
exactly what they want and especially when they don't think their words will
be repeated, for those words are 99.99% frustration with self for not doing
the job or putting the effort into something they had intended on being more
diligent about. So, in the end this type of argumentative frustration
"SHOULD" lead everyone "interested" to do a better job. Also to my
knowledge, ALL alleged problems about Northkeep winning the last three years
(not always, cause there are other Baronial Badges on the banner) really are
not problems at all.

The reason they aren't problems is because the discussion is open to all
concerned regardless of their involvement with the Toy Tourney.  We live and
have a Toy Tourney competition that is regional, the discussion over
possible bruised feelings should be regional also.

The alleged problems about Northkeep winning from "INSIDE" the Barony are
from those who can never, and "will" never be satisfied.  But this is a
volunteer organization, you don't even HAVE to pay your dues to show up and
be negative, depressing, or holier than thou.  You can even be a member when
you get nothing out of the S.C.A. except dissatisfaction.  So these
problems, aren't problems with the Toy Tourney, they are problems with
individuals who will find a problem in something, always.  Let them do that
if that is all they are capable of, but I agree with HL Guillaume de Troyes,
if anyone really knows of a problem regarding Toy Tourney, let the list hear
it. Don't just make insinuations and attacks.

Personally I don't feel the Barony puts TOO much of an emphasis on it, for I
don't see other activities suffering greatly. Striving to win the Toy
Tourney is a positive act. Finger pointing and behind the back insinuations,
a negative act, are what really take the steam of  S.C.A activities, on ANY

I also personally feel it is NEVER appropriate to chastise anyone publicly,
especially when dealing with an organization based on volunteers.
Constructive criticism is different, but after all this is a volunteer
organization, and even those who reveal in conjured controversy may


Merrik (who will participate in the Toy Tourney with no hope of being the
best in or our of any chapter of the S.C.A., but will participate because I
can, because it helps others, because there is no truly altruistic act)

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