NK - Re: NR - On Northkeep and Toy Tourney (LONG)

Marc Carlson marc-carlson at utulsa.edu
Wed Jul 7 07:00:20 PDT 1999

>I've waited to see what kind of responses here your Excellencies would 
>get concerning Toy Tourney. I've seen only a few, and all in support 
>of the Barony of Northkeep and their role in the Tourney. Then I was 
>reminded that of course, none would complain in the open! This type of 
>underhanded backbiting can only be done in the dark. Complaining 
>because the "baby" barony does too good a job at giving toys to 
>children. I'm afraid, your Excellencies, you will not see speakers 
>admit to this gutter-sniping publicly.

I am *certain* you are right, Britta.  I'm sorry it even came up on the
Northkeep list (although it would have been nice if it had stayed there).  
You are right, everyone loves Northkeep and how they do things, and they 
love it SO much that no one EVER gets fed up and leaves, and everyone in 
the SCA is ALWAYS one big happy and loving family.  Since *obviously* 
I don't have a CLUE what I'm talking about, I'll get back to my other stuff,
and you all can go back to be mutually supportive, rather than looking to 
see if there *might* actually be a *problem* that needs to be examined.


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