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Fri Jul 16 21:05:09 PDT 1999

	I would like, if I may, just to express my own humble veiw on certain 
issues that have been brought up by other honorable members of our great 
Barony.   I would like to point out that these are of course my views and how 
I see things, I mean no offense to any one nor is it my intent to create 
havoc in the north ( I save that for the battlefield, not disscusions).  
	The issue of rapier combat being stopped because of someone dying has 
been argured on the net now for a couple of days, all who have responded to 
Ld Kostia ( I hope I spelled that right) have been very insightful and well 
	I would like it known that if by some chance of fate if I were killed 
in combat, I would hope that many of you would roar in glorious triumph that 
I recieved the death I want.  It may onl be a mock combat situation but the 
art and the Chilvalry and the honor that have been displayed by the Rapier 
community is not.  It would be an honor to die trying to perfect my art, I 
really fear dying in my bed pissing myself as a senile old man.  Perhaps that 
is just the poetic view point of youth but, I belive that my spirt would be 
crushed knowing that my death caused the end of this Ansteorran tradition.  
Let us all who believe this way make it known that we feel this way, it could 
be the very thing that might prevent  the worst case senerio from happenning.
	We also all seem to agree that we know the risks and consequences of 
taking up the blade,  we accept that we gamble every time we step out onto 
the feild.  Remember that just because we are used to the risks dosn't make 
them go away.  We have set innto practice a series of rules and requirments 
that has served us faithfully for some time now, we also have trained 
ourselves to keep each other safe from harm, have faith in those you meet on 
the field or do not engage them.  Do not worry about cuts and brusies we 
might recieve, afterall are going to let the heavies have all the fun?  I 
like the brusies I recieve onthe field, they teach very well.  No accident 
can ever truly be called worthless so long as we learn from it.  So, if the 
day ever comes that we lose one of our Ansterroan brothers and sisters to an 
accident on the field,  let us learn from that and not let their sacrafise be 
in vain, they would die doing something they love, do not kill thier memory 
father by distroying that love in thier death.   
	I hope we will never find out what actullaly would happen.
	There is also some talk of banning the Foil,  oh no, let us not set a 
precident for banning a weapon that was a regular on the field not so long 
ago.  It would be like banning single sword in the heavies field making it 
every fighter would have to fight sword ansd shield.  I will admit that foil 
quality has gone down but, Ld Yoshie has found a very duable source for very 
good blades, let the old adage "you get what you pay for"  be your guide when 
purchasing a foil.
	The foil has a style and form that the other blades do not, let's not 
allow that or any other art form to go quietly in the night.
	Finnally,  Ld Yoshie has also asked about finding ways to bring both 
the Chilvaric and the rapier communites closer together.  I think I know of 
one way to start, it can be done at practice.  When we arrive to Woodward 
saterday mornings there is a distinct Chilvaric field and a Rapier field,  
respectivly there is a distinct rapier setting spot and a distinct Chilvalric 
spot, conveintly close to the parking lot for each.
	I would propose that we set together at practice, there is a very 
well shaded area between both fields where Chilvaric and Rapier can set 
together back to back.  Almost watching each others backs against mundainty 
if you will.   It will allow conversation to move more easily between both 
sets of fighters.   However, I do not think Ld Yoshie has taken his idea far 
enough, lets not have such clear cut lines anywhere in our barony, I think 
that both fighter and bards, and artists, and other such groups in the barony 
make an effort to come and enjoy the park and the spirit of the Dream withus 
as well all together, one people, one Northkeep.
	I suppose that I might be a little bit emotionaly envolved in my 
opoins expressed here but,  I have found that there comes a point where the 
game stops and the Dream must go on.  I don't care about winning a tourney or 
ever getting an award, these are just the aspects of the game, I do care 
about honor, loyality, duty, love and true friendship, I learned all about 
these things in Ansteorra.  That is the dream for me and I will risk my life 
to keep it going.  Dreams are worth fighting for.  So , I ask you not to 
judge me to harshly as some fruitcake taking these issuse way to seriously,  
rather think of me as some fruitcake who knows in his heart what being 
Ansteorran is to him.
			Living the Dream every day and in every way,
					Lucan Silverwolf of Ravenoak

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