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The Suarez Family somerled at mciworld.com
Fri Jul 16 13:01:56 PDT 1999

>Now I remember the Suarez family being at revel, I just didn't get a
>chance to introduce myself.  Susan and Kit sat w/ you, right?

Yep, that's us! Susan and her group sat next to us on one side and Anawyn
and her lovely husband on the other. Gareth, my husband, was playing his
guitars for a while. We're also planning to go to the Bard's meeting next
weekend as well. <fingers crossed!>
Who all is attending that?

>He listens very closely to his ideas about women. = /

Eek!! LOL! Well, at least Merrik is well loved and entertaining. =) Our
littlest still thinks he might eat her! You don't eat many small children,
do you Merrik? =)

>Tell me more about your family.  You have 3 kids?  And you and your
>husband are around 25+ something?

Ummm, yeah, 25+ something, that's us! LOL! I know that Gareth is rolling
right now. HE is 25 I am "+ something". We have the 3 kids, Stonie who's 14
1/2, Christopher who's 12 and Caitlin who will be 3 in October. Both of the
boys are really getting into the whole SCA thing! We homeschool, so this is
a real learning experience for us all. Stonie is leaning towards
Norse/Viking and doesn't know what period and Christopher wants to be
Scottish about 1200s. It's the kilt thing. I have told them firmly to wait
until after the class to make ANY decisions.....but to research anything
they are interested in in the process!
Gareth sings and plays anything with strings (and then some!), we both LOVE
to bake and cook....and we haven't even poisoned anyone lately.<grin> I do
needlework, but I'm not good at it. The boys are real interested in the
archery (especially Christopher), and the fighting.

I about halfway think that they will throw me out of the newcomers class.
"No, Janece, the question limit for tonight is 1,400. You have quite
exceeded that, now hush!" LOL!

We didn't get to meet half of the people we wanted to at the revel. I got a
shy bug and didn't mingle at all! =(


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